More Cars, Fewer Words

6 06 2012

Technically it’s wordless Wednesday. I successfully did that once but I’m not a wordless kind of a guy so I’ll go for a less wordy Wednesday. 🙂

This one was my favorite shoot of this set. You already know I love textures so the rust going on here was really awesome for me. A tip for other photo bloggers, the first picture of your set is the one that shows up in the reader if someone is browsing “Photography” or some other tag you have on your post. Open strong to engage new readers.

The deeper into the junkyard I got, the less kept up the cars looked. These guys were overrun with bushes and weeds. I think the emotion people identify with most strongly is that of hardship or being overpowered. Whether it be you personally or if you feel your beliefs, morals, ideals or mindset is being choked out by society, everyone has struggled with not fitting in. Being overtake by the social norm, peer pressure. It’s good to know what emotions stir people, when you can recreate those emotions through pictures you can tell a lot more than a story, you can share a feeling.

I bet this guy was a hot rod in his day. There’s just something about these old cars that gets me. 🙂

Thanks for visiting this picture filled post today. I promise to have something more to say in my next post :). Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the pictures. You can follow the blog if you like what you see! Thanks for visiting, God bless and happy Wednesday, you’re halfway to the weekend! -Arley