Three Pictures of Three Crosses

25 05 2012

I have had a pretty exciting day. I just got done with about 3 hours of shooting and I’ve got a lot of great stuff you’ll be seeing for the next few days. Another cause for excitement is I am getting very close to the 20,000 view mark thanks to all of you. I’m hoping the next 1100 or so views I need will come in over the weekend and I’ll get to celebrate with a special post. For tonight, I want to share a few pictures from the first location I shot at today.

This wasn’t my first picture. I wanted to share this one first though because this one made a nice overview shot. The crosses aren’t the focus here, instead they are just a supporting element. The front wall is the focus here, you’ll find out something funny about that wall shortly.

Here’s the funny thing. I hopped up on that wall for this picture. The cars passing behind me got a big kick out of the show I was putting on. This shot is one I think of as a 50/50 shot. About half the picture is the subject and the foreground and the other half is the sky. When I’m working with a wide angle lens, I like to catch a lot of the sky in it every now and then. This picture does break one of my rules (I always try to break at least one any given day) it doesn’t have a hero. The great thing about wide angle lenses is they can get away with this. When you get a lot of sky and a vibrant foreground, you can let the overall image be the hero.

For the final shot I got in closer and framed up the closest cross in about the center of the frame. I liked this shot but I still wanted a little more, that’s why I went from here and shot for another two and a half hours.

I hope you enjoyed the blog today. I always love to hear from you in the comments section below. Another exciting announcement is that I got my 1000th email subscriber today. If you haven’t already, I would love for you to subscribe. Of course you can check me out on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in writing a guest post or if you would like me to write something for your blog or website shoot an email to

Thanks again for visiting! Have a great weekend and God Bless!




11 responses

26 05 2012

Congrats on your 1000th!

Lovely images again – particularly the third one. Thanks for sharing.

26 05 2012

It’s interesting to follow your process in taking these images.

26 05 2012
Mary Jane E Clark

Very nice!

26 05 2012

The third photo is great, Amen!

26 05 2012

Nice topic. I do the same thing–get the killer shot then spend the next two hours shooting after the job is done. The process is too much fun to let it go!

26 05 2012
Andra Watkins

I never thought about having a hero in my photos. Unless MTM is in them. Ha. Good tip.

26 05 2012

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to reading more of yours.

27 05 2012
Hubcaps For Sale « ShootAbout

[…] Maybe an obscure title like that will finally make me show up on the freshly pressed radar. I’m very tired and a box of hub caps happened to be in the first picture so it is mildly relevant. I’m trying something I have tried only on one other occasion, I am writing a post at 1AM and scheduling it to appear on the blog at a reasonable hour of the morning so it can greet you when you’re bright and ready for a new day instead of looking at cat pictures trying to fall asleep. This is from my shoot Friday which included the 3 crosses pictures. […]

27 05 2012

I like the third shot, with the shadows of the 3 crosses. Thanks for walking us through the process too. 1,000 followers, wow!

29 05 2012

Nice walk through on the thought process. When shooting, I think of each shutter click as a brush stroke, eventually getting me closer to the final image. Sometimes, I get it in one shot and other times, I’m looking at 3-5!

29 05 2012

That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I can definitely identify with the idea of many little steps to create the image, I never thought of them as “brushstrokes” though. That’s a really unique perspective

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